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The Oblate’s Confession

The Oblate’s Confession

by William Peak

Set in 7th century England, The Oblate’s Confession tells the story of Winwaed, a boy who – in a practice common at the time – is donated by his father to a local monastery. In a countryside wracked by plague and war, the child comes to serve as a regular messenger between the monastery and a hermit living Read More

Conversations in a Country Store

Conversations in a Country Store

by Hal Roth

Decades ago, Hal Roth began listening to and recording the tall tales and hard truths of a fast-fading rural culture on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Shaped by three and a half centuries of geographic isolation from the mainland, and by the tides and winds of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, the Eastern Shore had its own distinctive vernacular Read More

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Secant Publishing was founded to honor and deepen the rich heritage of literature from, of, and about the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia.

Known best by many for its idyllic beaches and coves, oysters and blue crabs, the Eastern Shore is also a fertile hatchery for great books. It has nurtured and inspired four centuries’ worth of renowned literature, from the Chesapeake Bay travel chronicles of Captain John Smith to 20th century works by John Barth, Gilbert Byron, Marguerite Henry, James Michener, and William Warner, among many others who might be named.

Enjoy our blog, our news notes, and our growing list of authors and titles.

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Announcing our debut title by Eastern Shore chronicler Hal Roth

The first e-book to roll off the digital presses of Secant Publishing will be, fittingly enough, the first-ever electronic edition of Conversations in a Country Store: Reminiscing on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, by Dorchester County-based Hal Roth. Hal’s name will be familiar to many as the author of eight books of regional history and folklore – all of them crammed to the gills with what newspaper editors used to call “local color”. Many of these books, beginning ...more